Savor Life Summit is a business and spa retreat and an opportunity to think bigger for yourself and your business. It's a chance to make lifelong connections, engage in stimulating masterminds, participate in community-led discussions, work on your big vision, and distill ideas down to bite-size strategies. 

It's for women entrepreneurs who crave deeper connection, rich content from world-class speakers, move-the-needle conversations, farm-to-table lunches, candlelit dinner parties, relaxing spa treatments, and hands-on workshops. It's a place to getaway and rethink business and life with influential minds and thinkers.

This summit will take you on a two-day journey—exploring everything from mindset to strategy—to build your dream business. Our 7-figure speakers will teach you how they did it so you can, too. 

  • What’s your Big Vision? Do you really know your why? We’ll be working your visions, which is the most important first step of any goal or project. It’s not only important to create it, it’s important to revisit and live it in business and life daily. 
  • Are you reaching your full potential as a business owner and if not, what is holding you back? We will explore your Emotional Intelligence and how to raise it and your bottom line. 
  • Are you as visible as you want to be and do you have the nuts-and-bolts strategy in place to raise this visibility? You will walk away with strategies so people can find your products or services. People can’t buy from you if they don’t know about you. 
  • Do you struggle with closing deals? Learn and role play the three-part sales conversation every businesswoman must master. 
  • Is your email list as big as you want it to be and how do you double it? Learn how to leverage partnerships to increase your list and keep your audience engaged so they don’t unsubscribe.